Back! To the Kitchen

January 25, 2009

There are three thoughts standing in the way of my going dairy free:

  1. The recent studies in which women who ate more full fat dairy had higher measures of fertility than those who consumed low or nonfat dairy…I’m not sure about the fertility measures of women who consumed an equivalent amount of fat from non-dairy sources (or what those non-dairy sources would be). Obviously, there could be an unidentified nutrient/nutrient group specific to dairy fat (D3? K2? Other?) that comes into play, but who knows? (I’m not lactose intolerant even though I do come from Asian stock. Maybe because I was adopted as an infant and fed milk continuously from a very early age. No way to test this. Do the benefits of, say, full fat unsweetened yogurt outweigh the possible costs? Do I, personally, suffer from any of these adverse reactions without knowing it?)
  2. All the hype surrounding the probiotics in yogurt
  3. I do like a teaspoon of coconut milk in my coffee in lieu of cream. However, every time I open a can of coconut milk for this purpose, at a good deal of the contents eventually go bad before I can finish the can. So I buy cream instead, as it seems to last longer. (Should this immediately make me suspicious?)

With this in mind, I’m going to take today to attempt to make some coconut milk yogurt. That way, I get some non-dairy fat and probiotics, and I can set aside a few teaspoons of coconut milk expressly for use in coffee and use them before they have a chance to go rancid.

I’m a bit gunshy, because I have failed this recipe before.