On the plate

April 1, 2009

Things to eat more of:
– Fish/seafood
– Leafy greens (I get a lot of romaine but would like to switch it up)
– Coconut (must be careful about this as other nuts are trigger foods)

Natural coconut butter or coconut spread (note: not oil, though that is good too) is delicious if kind of grainy. Just now the weather is getting warm enough that the coconut butter is soft right out of the jar with no need to heat it or hack it with a knife.

I’m not ready for complex carbs and whole grains. But maybe Teechino would be good for the potassium despite the barley. Or heck, dandy brew. I like dandy brew.


OCE Redux

April 1, 2009

I ate breakfast, which is a controversial choice. But the contents and timing of every single meal you feed yourself are controversial. Even vegetables. Forget about legumes (phytic acid!), dairy (raw is god/bad, pasteurization is good/bad, the lactose and casein is good/bad), protein (how much is TOO MUCH/LITTLE???), fat (natural fats are good, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RATIO OF OMEGA 3 to OMEGA 6 TO SATURATED TO MONOUNSATURATED???), carbs (bad for insulin! good for serotonin!), eggs (life! death!), nuts (raw? soaked? sprouted? dehydrated under low heat for hours on end?), and fruit (fructose = the devil???).

I feel decidedly pudgy and a bit anxious/speedy. Obviously you don’t need to eat breakfast to jump start your metabolism. I’m reading “Potatoes Not Prozac,” in which the author tells you to eat breakfast every day (doesn’t breakfast just kill your overnight GH response, thus causing you to store fat?), three meals every day (that is the opposite of intermittent fasting), and complex carbohydrates, like whole grains (phytic acid, antinutrients, sugar).