PB, I hast forsaken thee?

Okay, peanut (not a nut!) butter is definitely a binge-triggering food. I have given myself a peanut butter hangover twice in the past month! The last binge was prompted by a visited the Peanut Butter & Co. sandwich shop in the Village. I had an “Elvis” with bacon – so good! That would have been fine as a “very special occasion” treat, but I also bought a jar of their White Chocolate Wonderful flavor…which I completely demolished over the next two days.

Pure addictive dopamine hit. Can’t stop at one. Probably the legume toxins triggering an adrenaline boost. Headache, nausea, regret, withdrawl pains. Sigh! Peanut butter tastes so good to me in ways that Almond butter just doesn’t!

I wonder if the “Naturally Nutty” brand of peanut/flax/hemp butter would not trigger binges, but am kind of scared to find out. Also, they do not have a chunky style butter, which is what I prefer.

This is probably the point in my life where I should just allow myself to grieve because I will never be able to eat PB again without losing myself to its siren call. God.


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