Revelations for the Memory Box

The eating slowly thing is pure sensual pleasure. Note: this is not necessarily about “slow food” (which I think sounds like a wonderful, long-term meditation on food that I’m not quite ready for), nor masticating to the point of tastelessness, but absolutely wringing every bit of pleasure that mindfulness can bring out of a raisin.

So far, the two tablespoons of peanut butter yesterday were transporting. The shaved parmesan in my salad was truly delightful. The sauteed broccoli and onions were surprisingly delicious, as were the salads (and I like salads!). Today’s 10 almonds, 1 prune, and hazelnut coffee with coconut milk were thoroughly enjoyable. I need to buy better meat, though. Yesterday’s salmon was pretty tasteless, and the (organic) pre-packaged beef was overly salty and kind of gross. But I did need the protein.

Thoughts, then. I need to stop resenting food that isn’t delicious and just stop eating it by making a committment to eat something else delicious at another time. Last night’s dessert, while making me kind of guilt-ridden, was, in fact, delicious. The particular salmon fillet I had for supper was not. It was overcooked, underseasoned, and (I suspect), farmed and not of good quality. I have had delicious salmon before; that wasn’t it. Better to move on and not feel guilty about the “not real food” whey protein powder. Note: the protein powder was a conscious addition of protein. The pure tastiness of the dessert did not depend on it.

Meats that I have enjoyed in the past few weeks: a sauteed buffalo steak, the cooked real crab claw meat I got at the fish section at Whole Foods, fried organic bacon (in its own fat), and tinned sardines in olive oil. I also have very, very fond memories of the sake don (sliced raw salmon on a bed of seasoned rice) served at Miyako Sushi on the UWS of Manhattan.


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