The only problem with the Turbulence Training is that it makes me motherflippin’ ravenous. It’s easier to not train in such a wayand eat (much) less. The jury’s still out on which of these methods would be better for building a viable maintenance skill set and boosting self confidence.

I like the individual exercises, though. I am definitely still working up to eventually doing an actual chin up, pull up, and one-legged squat. The one-legged reaching lunge is still a bit difficult, but doable. The deadlift and barbell chest presses intrigue me from afar. I need to figure out a way to learn how to do those.

That said, it seems like exercise is limited in its effects on fat loss, but positive (depending on type) for increasing strength, stamina, power, and lean muscle mass, which are all good and necessary things.

Riddle me this: if static stretching weakens you, and yoga incorporates a lot of static stretching, does yoga, in fact, weaken you? Does it depend on the type? Does it provide other benefits that are worth the weaking effect (such as the antioxidants in a piece of fruit being worth the ingestion of fructose)?


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