Cilantro Rocks

The only problem: if you are single and you buy a bunch of cilantro, evn if it is the smallest bunch they have at the store, you are basically doomed to eat cilantro at every single meal for the next two weeks. Sprinkled on your pomegranate seeds, in your once-weekly nip of gin, what have you.

It rocks, even still.

I’ve been trying to diversify my nutrient profile in the hopes of resolving the amenorrhea before I have to resort to drug treatment. If I buy one serving of seven different pieces of produce, added to whatever traditional salad and veg I eat every week anyway (romaine, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and the like), perhaps that will provide whatever it is I lack. And then I’ll work up from there.

That said, today’s lunch was a tin of sardines in olive oil, a quarter cup of macadamia nuts, and a mug of black decaf. Tried to make up for it at dinner, which included cilantro, a serrano chili, pomegranate seeds, and Brazil nuts along with a salad, carrots, and some pot roast.

I don’t eat breakfast but I adore breakfast foods for lunch. It’s hard to cook eggs at the office, though. Current plan for tomorrow’s lunch…hmm… a bell pepper, some crab meat, and more cilantro, and some almonds, maybe?


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