In which I struggle with food anxiety

Eating socially is actually easier if there is a large group of you.  When you are visiting a (skinny) friend one-on-one, and she wants to order chili, pass off two thirds of her cheesy potato skins on you, and split a bottle of wine, you are kind of on the spot.

Which isn’t to say it wasn’t my responsibility to say no.

Really the only thing calming me down at this point is the fact that I am in the middle of a 24-hour fast.  In theory, I would like to follow the Eat Stop Eat protocol, but I tend more toward an alternate day fasting schedule (M-W-F) because I’m too afraid that the extra day of eating will cause the pounds to pile on.  The downside is that maybe the alternate day fasting lends itself more to bingeing while a less stringent schedule might make it easier to “eat responsibly.”  I just don’t have the guts.


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