Accentuating the positive

Today, fasted for 24 hours. In the meantime, did:

  • Squats (reps: lost count)
  • Lunges (reps: lost count)
  • Dips (using chairs, reps: 3 sets of 8?)
  • Spider-man crawl (8 reps)
  • Mountain climbers (8 reps)
  • 2-minute plank
  • 2-minute side plank, both sides
  • Sprint intervals (6 intervals, about 20 minutes total)
  • Walking around (here, there)

Back up to 108 lbs, a weight I had hoped not to see again unless I was pregnant. Frack. Hopefully by tomorrow it will go down a bit. Tomorrow will be a rest day for the legs. Biceps, shoulders, and rows maybe, and a break from high heels.

Threw away half the chicken breast that was left for dinner, but I think what remained was about 3 oz anyway. I’m not crazy abut skinless chicken breast, so I added some butter and snuck a bit of liver mousse on the salad. Spilled soy sauce all over the place and similarly dropped and spilled most of a quart of milk which belonged to my mother. I am a thoroughly useless failure. Tried to attain inner peace by chanting a mantra in my head, but I think pychoactive drugs might be preferable. Life is so humiliating.


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